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a gathering experience

We are  DAAMOA
[daah-moah] is to aaallll gather together 

Share the heart behind the act & art of  cloth gift wrapping ; a gift with a gift.


Reusable and washable wrapping cloth used for centuries in Korea, creating gorgeous, unique carriers of gifts and objects. Our ancestors used to wrap everyday necessities - from meals, celebratory gift boxes, cakes, wine bottles, beddings to catch-all shoulder bags and many more! 

At DAAMOA, learn simple knots and folds to create beautiful wraps, from classic methods to ultra modern and multi-functional. We aim to provide one-of-a-kind experience of gathering together.

Bojagi. It's a wrap!

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Learn to create beautiful knots and folds with wrapping cloths. We offer in-person and online classes;  share stories behind Bojagi, while guiding you  through simple wrapping techniques that you can use to wrap gifts, ceramics, plant pots, wines bottles and many more!

& Services

Whether you are looking for an exquisite wrapping service of special gifts, or looking for an unique and fun team building event, DAAMOA can provide an artistic and memorable gathering experience.

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in Sisterhood

Two sisters by birth, two sisters by marriage (to their two older brothers), we are the Chai sisters!  Every one of us are unique and live in different parts of the world, and we always miss being in each other's company. DAAMOA [dah-moah] was created with the idea of  "gathering together", as a concept of sharing our energy and wrapping love and joy with simple art of Bojagi.

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