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The Chai Sisters

Two sisters by birth, two sisters by marrying the their older brothers -- we are all BFFs!  

Can you tell who's who?


All of us live in different cities around the world, but combined we offer multi-cultural, artistic and educational backgrounds that covers practically every life skill one needs -- certified Bojagi wrapping techniques, vegan cooking classes, Korean traditional dessert and tea classes, fashion design and business coaching, brand building, graphic design, sustainable lifestyle, balloon arts, handmade crafts, barista-licensed, award-winning piano performance, Montessori education, organic backyard farming and landscaping, koi-pond building, regular non-profit organization involvements and mentorships, and the list goes on.  


We remember the days when our mothers used Bojagi as a go-to cloth; from wrapping boring lunch boxes to outdoor picnics meals, and from exclusive celebratory gifts to making it a carry-all bag.  Not only the simplest Bojagi knot could "wow" the receiver with its intricate beauty, it is its reusability and washability that create endless everyday functions.  We want to share this experience of artistic cloth wrapping with an intention of creating memories. 


A true gift with a gift.

Join us in this gathering experience!


From left to right :

Hwasuk, Hong Kong /  Yunhee, N.California /  Wonhwa, Seoul & Seattle /  Suk, Seattle

Our Commitment

We recognize that it is a privilege for us to live in environments where nature is in our backyards.  We are not climate activists, however we do as much as we can to reduce our footprint in our daily routines.  Reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle is just a start; our ultimate goal is complete circularity and zero waste practices. 

We also believe in giving back and supporting our communities to preserve natural resources affected by climate change.  We are a proud member of 1% for the Planetand we delegate a percentage of our profits to Oceana.
DAAMOA -"aaallll together", we can make a difference in reversing climate change!

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